Monday, March 23, 2009

*O* A Party?

A Party?

“A party? When?” I asked my mom one cold kind of sunny afternoon. She replied in a plain simple voice “A New Years Eve party, at Lily’s house.” I replied in a happy excited voice “O.M.G! How much fun, this will be my first New Years Eve party!” Lily is my best friend; she is really funny and nice. Like any other pair of best friends we have our fights… oh ok back on topic, Lily is shorter then me, with brown hair and hazel eyes (brown and green). Sometimes people mistake Lily and me for sisters, that is how much we look alike.

I waited impatiently day after day, waiting for New Years Eve. When it finally came I had to wait until 6:30 P.M. to go to the party. I was in agony waiting for the minutes to pass by. What made it even more worth waiting; was that I got to spend the night. So, I got all my stuff together for the sleepover and we left the house.

What happened next was very boring, so I am going to leave it out. So we arrived at Lily’s house with a bottle of sparkling apple cider, a loaf of french bread, and my mom’s homemade artichoke dip, a half an hour after the boring part. I was so excited, I made my mom carry, mostly everything. Once I gathered up some of the stuff I ran across the street, but first I looked both ways, I ran up to the door step and rang the door bell. My mom was still at the truck, I yelled to her “Slow-poke!” Lily ran to the door and flung it open. Finally my mom came into the house. Of course like any other kid the first thing I did was go look at the desserts. They all appeared so appetizingly scrumptious. They had this one cupcake that looked like it had spaghetti top of it, with a meatball on top! All of a sudden Lily grabbed my arm and pulled me up the stairs. She was talking to me on the way up the stairs, but I wasn’t listening. I was thinking about the cupcakes waiting for me downstairs. I wasn’t listening until Lily said the words iPod touch, and then I was all ears. We hurried up the stairs to Lily’s parents’ room, and then she showed it to me. Her brand new, just came in the mail, iPod Touch! It was so beautiful it showed my reflection in it brand new touch screen. I was thinking to myself “How wonderful”. She put it back in her mom and dad’s room and we ran the stairs to play pool in her garage.

Lily is very good at pool so of course I lost. I said to Lily in a desperate attempt to win “You cheated!” Lily said in a puzzled voice “No I didn’t.” I said back in a sorry voice “I know I just wanted to win.” So then we decided to go play Rock Band for the Wii system. I played the guitar and Lily played the drums. I tried the drums after her but I lost and Lily lost at the guitar. So we decided to switch back for the better.

A half an hour later our friend Peyton showed up. Peyton got an iPod Touch also, I was so jealous. So we decided to listen to some music and play on the grass. We listened to ACDC on Peyton’s I-Pod from Lily’s i-Dog. We wrestled and then it started to rain, which made it even more fun. We got soaking wet and had to come inside.

photo credit 1, 2, 3, 4: blissful images mrs french

Since we came inside we went to the dessert table, I ate one of those cupcakes I was talking about. They looked better than they tasted, they were too rich for my stomach. I even had chocolate fudge dipped in chocolate fondue, it was so delectable! We sang karaoke almost all night, Peyton and I sang to Mama Mia and ACDC, it was so awesome! Then Peyton went home. I was bummed that Peyton had to leave.

Lily’s mom finally forced us to go to bed at 2:30 A.M. But that didn’t stop me and Lily from watching Mama Mia the movie on her new iPod touch. When I finally got tired I asked Lily if she could stop the movie, so she did but we ended up talking for about another half an hour. Finally we went to sleep. I woke up still kind of sleepy and woke Lily up, and she said “What do you want?” I replied back in a sleepy yawning at the time voice “Come on, get up it is 9:00.” So we got up and went to Lily’s mom and dad’s room upstairs. We flopped down on the couch in the den; Lily’s mom (Wendy) was watching Mama Mia. We started Mama Mia when the phone rang, it was my mom, and she said to Wendy (Lily’s mom) “I will come and pick up Olivia in about, a half an hour.” So Lily and I decided to go downstairs and watch The Game Plan, in the garage. We were only about 45 minutes into the movie when my mom showed up. I was sad I had to go. I gathered up my stuff as slow as I could, and I said “Good-bye” to Lily and said “Thank you” to her and her parents (Wendy and Steve) and I and my mom left Lily’s house. I said to my mom in the car “That was the best party ever!”


image credit: charlotte gainsbourg

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