Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pink Princess the drama ensues

So when princess training started, the Queen had to take Pinky, although the King was supposed to take Pinky because, he was her dad. When Pinky was walking in, the teacher asked Pinky, “why are you so sad?” Trying to ignore her pink skin. She replied in a sad but strong voice, “my dad died in war.” All the little princesses were surprised.

the next act.........
to be continued next week.............................!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The one you love

The one you love
Could be right
Around the corner

The one you love
Could be right
Across the street

The one you love
Could be right
At your feet

When you find them
You may feel


(another terrific poem by Olivia, she had instant inspiration grabbed a pen and a piece of paper and wrote this in approximately 2.5 minutes!!)

..but..i hate haiku

Olivia's first haiku attempt...

I eat my apple
So crunchy and sour sweet
So many colors


..turned out really great!

Then Olivia decided haiku wasn't so bad
and we had some fun
(I said it was hikool, ya ya I know stupid joke)

Pink Princess: the sadness sets in...

When Pinky was three her father, the King, died in war. After it had been a week, Pinky and her mom got the letter. They were very sad and they started to cry. Then after they stopped, the Queen called her friends, “girls, please help, I need you to call all the Kings friends, and tell them the King died.” The Queen’s friends answered, “We’ll tell them all right away.”

the unfortunate tale continues next week...


*O* and C: a conversation in 5 haiku

*O* and C: a conversation in 5 haiku

C to *O*:
you think you don’t like
these haiku that i write, come
on give it a chance

*O*’s response:
You act like you know
What I think about haiku
You’re wrong they are fun!

C’s response
so happy to hear
you’ve changed your mind it’s clear
now let’s have some fun!

*O*’s response
I kind of feel that
Way, but I much rather go
and play all day long!

C’s response
you roll your eyes, but
really it’s true, you know it
you’re so good at this!

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Saga of Pink Princess Continues...

...When the Queen got home, her friends were there to congratulate her. When they saw Pinky, they said, “She’s Pink, your baby is Pink!” “Yes I did know that my baby is pink.” Said the Queen annoyed. Then the King looked at them said, “Why do you have to scream it so loud.” The friends answered, “She’s pink!” Then the Queen said, “I still love her even if she’s pink!” Then the Queen friends left. With in one year, Pinky was walking around saying, “playtime.”

to be continued next week...


So much depends upon...

Olivia saw this poem somewhere:

The Red Wheel Barrow

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white

William Carlos Williams

The style and words from this poem
got stuck in her mind! She used the line
“So much depends upon”
in many of her poems.
Here are two great examples:

Red Wall

The pictures sit upon
the big red wall. The wall is
steady so they do not fall.
So much depends upon
the big red wall
for if it
was not there the pictures
would fall.

{a poem literally written in 3 minutes}

A Poem in Two Minutes

So much depends upon
the wind blowing through the
trees. It moves through the
air blowing through the leaves.
Blowing scraps of trash
through the air. Sometimes
if you're not lucky it
will mess up your hair.



Can you keep a secret? You can! Ok then. On March 12, 2009 it is my brother Owen’s birthday. My whole family is coming down to see him. So you’re probably thinking, "What how is that a secret?" Well that’s just it, it’s not I repeat NOT a secret. The really real secret is that my whole family is having a huge surprise birthday party for him. He is turning seven. Owen has never been to or had a surprise birthday party. So this will be a huge shocker for him. So here’s the plan:

6:00pm brother/Owen goes to his baseball game.
6:30pm Mom and Peyton/me go and get decorations for the party.
7:00pm family arrives and helps decorate house.
7:15pm go get vanilla baseball cake from Safeway.
7:45pm give out party toy called Silly String to everyone in family.
7:55pm get everyone in the house. Turn out all the lights. Hide all the family’s car, so it looks like no one’s home.
8pm Owen arrives home, walks to the door, everyone yells “SURPRISE!” Owen falls over, and is in frozen shock mode. Everyone helps him up.
8:15pm we eat our delicious cake with yummy milk.

So you have heard my plan. Today is the 9th which means the party is in THREE DAYS! What! I though we still had 14 more days I gotta get going on this plan for the party. Hope I can finish this plan by the 12th. Please wish me good luck. I hope you liked my party idea. Ask me about it on the 13th and I might just bring you some cake.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

10 Reasons why I Think Vocab Words are Horrible (a Hypercritical Hyperbole)

a poem dedicated to the ridiculous vocab words on Olivia’s vocab test tomorrow (and an attempt to define them)

1. Hyperthyroidism, Hyperglycemia these are words
I will never use in my life

2. Hypersensitive, Hypertension they’re too hard to spell

3. It’s Horrible to Hyperextend but at least I know what it means, it means when one of your joints bends and then pops out the other side....Horrible

4. Hypercritical people are no fun to be around they’re judgmental, they’re mean and snooty

5. Once I saw a man going up to the bus stop he must have had Hypertension because his arm looked like it was going to explode (isn’t this what happens when you have high blood pressure?)

6. Hyperthermia is when you
when your temperature is really high and you probably
turn all bright red too

7. Hyperactive is when my little brother runs around
the restaurant and is Hyperactive and it’s so embarrassing

8. Ok Hyperextend, Hypersensitive those are words I might use (but they are still horrible)

9. Hyper Hyper Hyper I’m Hyperventilating because all these words are Hyper

10. And finally, I never use Hyperbole they’re so lame, only for people who write poems

Hyper Hyper Hyper these are words too hard to spell Horrible no fun to be around going to explode you probably turn all bright red so embarrassing still horrible, they’re so lame, only for Hypersensitive, Hypercritical people who write poems!

*O* & c



You never know
What a book holds
Until you open up the pages
That sometimes fold
And they look
All crumpled and old
And when you read
The pages that behold
The Miraculous
Of the untold
And sometimes
If you’re not lucky
The pages will never unfold
And they will always look
All crumpled and old
And you will not be able
To read the pages that behold
The Miraculous
Of the untold