Thursday, April 2, 2009

10 Reasons why I Think Vocab Words are Horrible (a Hypercritical Hyperbole)

a poem dedicated to the ridiculous vocab words on Olivia’s vocab test tomorrow (and an attempt to define them)

1. Hyperthyroidism, Hyperglycemia these are words
I will never use in my life

2. Hypersensitive, Hypertension they’re too hard to spell

3. It’s Horrible to Hyperextend but at least I know what it means, it means when one of your joints bends and then pops out the other side....Horrible

4. Hypercritical people are no fun to be around they’re judgmental, they’re mean and snooty

5. Once I saw a man going up to the bus stop he must have had Hypertension because his arm looked like it was going to explode (isn’t this what happens when you have high blood pressure?)

6. Hyperthermia is when you
when your temperature is really high and you probably
turn all bright red too

7. Hyperactive is when my little brother runs around
the restaurant and is Hyperactive and it’s so embarrassing

8. Ok Hyperextend, Hypersensitive those are words I might use (but they are still horrible)

9. Hyper Hyper Hyper I’m Hyperventilating because all these words are Hyper

10. And finally, I never use Hyperbole they’re so lame, only for people who write poems

Hyper Hyper Hyper these are words too hard to spell Horrible no fun to be around going to explode you probably turn all bright red so embarrassing still horrible, they’re so lame, only for Hypersensitive, Hypercritical people who write poems!

*O* & c

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