Friday, April 3, 2009


Can you keep a secret? You can! Ok then. On March 12, 2009 it is my brother Owen’s birthday. My whole family is coming down to see him. So you’re probably thinking, "What how is that a secret?" Well that’s just it, it’s not I repeat NOT a secret. The really real secret is that my whole family is having a huge surprise birthday party for him. He is turning seven. Owen has never been to or had a surprise birthday party. So this will be a huge shocker for him. So here’s the plan:

6:00pm brother/Owen goes to his baseball game.
6:30pm Mom and Peyton/me go and get decorations for the party.
7:00pm family arrives and helps decorate house.
7:15pm go get vanilla baseball cake from Safeway.
7:45pm give out party toy called Silly String to everyone in family.
7:55pm get everyone in the house. Turn out all the lights. Hide all the family’s car, so it looks like no one’s home.
8pm Owen arrives home, walks to the door, everyone yells “SURPRISE!” Owen falls over, and is in frozen shock mode. Everyone helps him up.
8:15pm we eat our delicious cake with yummy milk.

So you have heard my plan. Today is the 9th which means the party is in THREE DAYS! What! I though we still had 14 more days I gotta get going on this plan for the party. Hope I can finish this plan by the 12th. Please wish me good luck. I hope you liked my party idea. Ask me about it on the 13th and I might just bring you some cake.


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