Wednesday, May 27, 2009

pink princess four times the loooooooooooooove

They were always together like sisters. They shared a room, outfits, shoes and more. They acted like they had been together forever!!!

They had Princess training that same day. At Princess training they were learning a dance with ballet and free style at the end of the dance. When they got to the palace, they found there mom’s and showed them the dance. They got bored so they talked Princess talk.

After their 9th b-day, they went to their first ball. They met lots and lots of princes and danced with all of them. But they could only stay one hour after 6:00pm. When they got back they talked all about princes. Max said, “I like Prince Mark the best.” Then Pinky said,” I like Prince Luke the best.” Then Katy said,” I like Prince John the best.”

Two weeks later was their second ball. And they got to dance with who ever they wanted to dance with.

by (abby)

Disneyland the haiku continued

Bus ride up to Disneyland

Starting the ride
The fun trip to Disneyland
As long as can be...............

Two hours later......
Our first bathroom stop on,
The way, Disneyland

Wow, getting closer
Almost there, well not really
Not much farther, yap

Four hours later
Lunch time, finally lunch yum, yum
Yum, a sandwich, yum

Two hours later
Last bathroom stop until........
Disneyland, oh right

Thirty minute now
I mean twenty minutes
Just a bite longer

Now even longer, man........
Yes, yes, almost there
Yes, yes, Disneyland

by (abby)

day 1 Disneyland trip coming sooooooooooooooon

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

another double fun dose lalala

When Pinky and Katy turned 5 years old princess training was so much harder. They learned how to do the tango, waltz, and more ballet. That first day of their new class. The girls meet a new princess named Max. (Her real name is Princess Maxine.) Pinky and Katy invited Max over to the palace. Max was living with Miss Julia. Pinky and Katy asked if she could live with them, their moms said “okay but ask Miss Julia.” So they asked if Max could live with them and Miss Julia said "yes!"

When Max first walked in she was surprised how big their palace was. But after she was moved in and had stayed there for a while she was fine. They played in the palace, ran in it and lived in it. She loved the palace as much as Katy and Pinky loved it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Just two days left
Until the big trip goes
It’s Disneyland, wow

Disneyland wow, wow
Already here can’t wait much more
Ahhh, here we go, yaaaaa

It’s Minnie, wow
Wait don’t leave I’m.............
Man to late, ahhhhh.......
There it is, come on
Splash Mountain, lets go on
Almost there, ahhhhhhh, ya............

I’m wet now
Me too, that was so much fun
Lets go again, yaaaaaaa

Lets go to the room
Broom ..... I’m sleepy lets ......... zzzzzzzzzz what
Where are we now

The end of the ..........
What, oh trip right ya
The very end ...........

by (abby)


lovely summer days
dancing in the melody
waltzing in the park


Just in Time

Why are you so mean? / You try so hard to hide your / Insecurity

by *O*

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

pink princess - double the action!!

When Pinky got to the palace she tolled her mom all about class. Pinky started to talk, “I learned how to count to 10 and ballet.” She also told mom she met a friend, “her name is Katy, but her real name is Princess Katlin,” Said Pinky. Pinky and Katy were always together. Katy’s dad died in war too. That Monday Pinky and Katy walked into class holding hands. They learned to count to18 and how to fold a napkin, and learn some more ballet. Katy and Pinky walked home together. Then asked if they could maybe have a sleepover. Their parents said, “Sounds like fun!” That night Pinky and Katy had a sleepover; they had lots of fun watching Princess Diary 1 and 2. The games that they played were, freezes dance and pretty, pretty princess. That Tuesday they had Princess training at 4:00pm to 4:30pm.That time they learned to sing the whole ABC’s. Then on Wednesday they sang the ABC’s to their parents.

Queen Jordon (Katy’s mom) and Queen Olivia (Pinky’s mom) decided to live in Pinky’s family palace. Pinky and Katy shared a room; the walls were pink and purple. The beds were pink and purple too.

sorry we missed a week!!
more to come next week we promise this time.........