Wednesday, May 27, 2009

pink princess four times the loooooooooooooove

They were always together like sisters. They shared a room, outfits, shoes and more. They acted like they had been together forever!!!

They had Princess training that same day. At Princess training they were learning a dance with ballet and free style at the end of the dance. When they got to the palace, they found there mom’s and showed them the dance. They got bored so they talked Princess talk.

After their 9th b-day, they went to their first ball. They met lots and lots of princes and danced with all of them. But they could only stay one hour after 6:00pm. When they got back they talked all about princes. Max said, “I like Prince Mark the best.” Then Pinky said,” I like Prince Luke the best.” Then Katy said,” I like Prince John the best.”

Two weeks later was their second ball. And they got to dance with who ever they wanted to dance with.

by (abby)

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