Wednesday, May 20, 2009

another double fun dose lalala

When Pinky and Katy turned 5 years old princess training was so much harder. They learned how to do the tango, waltz, and more ballet. That first day of their new class. The girls meet a new princess named Max. (Her real name is Princess Maxine.) Pinky and Katy invited Max over to the palace. Max was living with Miss Julia. Pinky and Katy asked if she could live with them, their moms said “okay but ask Miss Julia.” So they asked if Max could live with them and Miss Julia said "yes!"

When Max first walked in she was surprised how big their palace was. But after she was moved in and had stayed there for a while she was fine. They played in the palace, ran in it and lived in it. She loved the palace as much as Katy and Pinky loved it.

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