Wednesday, May 6, 2009

pink princess - double the action!!

When Pinky got to the palace she tolled her mom all about class. Pinky started to talk, “I learned how to count to 10 and ballet.” She also told mom she met a friend, “her name is Katy, but her real name is Princess Katlin,” Said Pinky. Pinky and Katy were always together. Katy’s dad died in war too. That Monday Pinky and Katy walked into class holding hands. They learned to count to18 and how to fold a napkin, and learn some more ballet. Katy and Pinky walked home together. Then asked if they could maybe have a sleepover. Their parents said, “Sounds like fun!” That night Pinky and Katy had a sleepover; they had lots of fun watching Princess Diary 1 and 2. The games that they played were, freezes dance and pretty, pretty princess. That Tuesday they had Princess training at 4:00pm to 4:30pm.That time they learned to sing the whole ABC’s. Then on Wednesday they sang the ABC’s to their parents.

Queen Jordon (Katy’s mom) and Queen Olivia (Pinky’s mom) decided to live in Pinky’s family palace. Pinky and Katy shared a room; the walls were pink and purple. The beds were pink and purple too.

sorry we missed a week!!
more to come next week we promise this time.........

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