Saturday, March 28, 2009

Finally! The Return of Super Brick!!

Super Brick #4

When we last saw our hero he was on a building thanking Jonny Cinderblock for saving his life. So they took off into the air and Super Brick anciently hit a telephone pole, causing it to crash into a brick building. Again Super Brick said words he thought he would never have to say “@35#%*8!” After he was done with his fowl language they went to pick up the mess. When Super Brick was looking through some bricks he met a very pretty nice smelling brick. Her name was Lady so he called her Lady Brick. They quickly fell in love. And had little baby bricks of their own. They decided to live on mars, were it was red just like them. As for The Sleg he went back to Alcatraz for the rest of his life. Jonny Cinder Block met a Lady Cinder Block and they had little cinder blocks of their own. And everyone lived happily ever after. NOT REALLY! KEEP COMING BACK FOR MORE!


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