Saturday, March 28, 2009

Introducing Peyton


“Oh my gosh, I’m late for school.” I yelled as loud as I could. I ran to my parent’s room and said “mom, dad I’m late for school.” We all ran to the car and ZOOMED to school. When we were three blocks away, my mom and dad remembered one little thing. I almost fell out the window when my parents yelled “OWEN.”

Owen is my two year old brother and we left him at home all alone. So, we raced back home to go get him. When we got to the house it was like he never knew we left. We just found him eating a popsicle on the couch watching Sponge Bob. So, we ran to the car and drove to school.

Then, one last thing happened. My parents almost had a heart attack because of it. I yelled “IT’S VALENTINES DAY!!!” We all drove home, grabbed the cards and then we rushed to school once again hoping there were no more stops.

When we got to school I asked my teacher “have you started cards yet?” She said “no, you are just in time.” We passed out cards and went out for snack.

This is when it happened the horrible thing on Valentines Day. My friend Olivia and I were playing on the monkey bars and she asked “can you skip three bars?” I said “yeah, of course (in a tough way).” Then she said it, the words that sent shivers down my spine, “show me.” I hated those two words. Those are the words that should mean humiliated. So, I had to do it. I tried it and 1, 2, 3… CRACK! OUCH! I landed left on my arm. I could not stop crying. My friend Olivia took me to the office as quick as she could.

The lady in the office named Judy said “oh Peyton what happened?” I said nothing. Olivia told her everything. Then Judy called my parents and they came to school as fast as they could. When my parents got there they said “thank you” to Judy and we left to the hospital

When we got to the hospital the doctor let us come in first. His name was Dr. Black. He told me to lie down on this bed and he started moving my wrist around and cracking it. Then they gave me a shot so I would not remember a thing. But I still remember.

After that not so wonderful time, it was time for me to get my cast. This guy had this HUGE selection of cast material. I picked pink. He wrapped about 20 layers of the material all around my arm. I had to stay in the hospital for about 2 days. I could write but I could not play any sports.

In about one month I got my cast off. The same doctor took off my cast. He used this thing that looked like an electric pizza cutter. He turned it on and he asked “ready?” I said “yeah.” He slid it across my arm and ZAP it was off. He let me take it home.

Well, after that experience, I learned if someone wants you to do something you don’t want to do, just don’t do it. You are your own person. You can make your own decisions. And two arms are better then one.



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