Sunday, March 22, 2009

introducing almost real world abby!

Almost Real World
Journal Entry #1

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Wow, I think my job of being an upholsterer is great. Me and Jake met when we first went to college together we were in the same class writing. We have been married for a year and have had a great life so far. Me and Jake are looking forward to moving into Almost Real World. We have no children but one dog named Gracie. Gracie is a very friendly puppy and loves being around people. She just recently turned one about a month ago.

We are trying to find a place that allows us to have pets so Gracie can live with us. Me and Jake get the total of $60,000.00 a year. I think we have just the right amount of money to get everything we need. My husband Jake is a teachers aide he loves helping kids and is soon going to be working at Almost Real World. This is a great opportunity to work for Almost Real World. My family and Gracie are blessed to have this wonderful life.

I’m looking forward to going to people’s houses and getting to know them better as I’m doing my job being an upholsterer. I’m thinking of maybe opening a business in about four or five years after this job. I’m thinking of helping people I know and new people too, this is a great way to learn more about people and their tastes. This will help me when I start my business.


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