Saturday, November 13, 2010

ok, maybe not my best

hey guys! i found this post from my other blog words amd photo booth moments [wpm] from a few years ago and thought i'd share...

I should have known it was all over, set in stone --the France thing, and my amazing writing talent+style --ha! demonstrated by this eloquent and classy image, drawn out with the subtle rhyming elements of the words ‘France’ ‘pants’ and ‘dance’-- when at age 9, I wrote this poem:

There was a young girl of France
and all she would do is to
dance, she got her best pants
and was ready to dance
and she danced
and she danced and she danced.

It’s strangely prophetic.

In fact many of you will be forever convinced that that's all I did during my five-year stint in Paris, shopping and dancing.. (in my best pants bien sur)

And yes, in my best moments, I did do my fair share of both.

...and she danced and she danced.

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