Tuesday, November 2, 2010

dark 'n stormy

dark 'n stormy barbie
(writing talent not included)

* accessories, ken doll, and 
awesome story writing skills 
sold separately

at the newspaper meeting last friday (before halloween), dressed in costumes, the kids and i used our stormy creativity on the old 
"it was a dark and stormy night..." line-- 
taking it places it had never been... 

"DO something with it," i told them, "like, something, different, from a noise scratching at the window..." i knew they were capable 
(and frankly, they knew it too.)

later, tucked in the stack of pages to photocopy 
i found this one written by my dearest abby, and standing there in the bright and empty copy room... i read for the first time, exactly what i'd been expecting them to write, (but at the same time never knowing what i'd expect to find...) and all at once finding myself overwhelmed and so so so proud and pleased and in love with this: 
abby's dark 'n stormy adaptation.

It was a dark and Stormy night .........

a young couple danced 
under the dim light of the moon as 
it was snowing. 

The Christmas Spirit 
was just around the corner, 

but not one Christmas tree was up.

10/29/10 by abby

all alone with a huge grin, i shook my head at the page saying, ABBY! abby abby abby you got it-- this is-- that's it abby, i knew, you knew... exactly. abby!! this is why, this is exactly, kind of-- the thing i'd-- 


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