Sunday, August 23, 2009

And August drifts closer to September—

Write back from summer---
What's up??!
After a long pause during the summer....

I mean, I didn’t stop writing and neither did they... and I’m sure you didn’t either... but my mind got lost somewhere in the long summer hours and here we are again, I know most of you start school again tomorrow. So welcome back, though of course you never really left.

While you've all been vacationing and camping etc... Abby and I have been writing a lot together this summer... and I will share some of it with you now and in the days to come, to keep the summer spirit with you as we ease into whatever comes next.

I hope to start working with all of you again this school year and I can’t wait to read all the words you’ve been scribbling over there in the extra hours of the daylight.

So.... what did you write?

And here we are again... as August drifts closer to September—

x c

soft evening light words

time melts laughter shadows dance

lemon trees dog sleeps

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