Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pyper’s version of Cinderella’s life story


Cinderella was a poor girl. Infact, she was a maid. She worked for a small family. They treated her very badly. There were three girls and a mean mother. The girls names were Flower, Star and Rose. Cinderella we need our mail said Flower, Star and Rose. I’m coming. There you go. As Star read the mail it said Ball is tomorrow and she ran to her mom and said mother the Ball is tomorrow. Then get dressed said the mother. That night Cinderella made a dress. In the afternoon she was all set. When Star, Rose and Flower saw her dress they started ripping it apart. Cinderella was so sad she ran to the backyard. As she was crying she saw an old woman. Who are you asked Cinderella? I’m your Fairy Godmother. Do u want to go to the ball? Yes. And before Cinderella new it she had a big blue dress on. Thank you Fairy Godmother! Now we need a carriage. That pumpkin will do. Now you are ready to go to the ball. And Cinderella be back by twelve o’clock ok? Goodbye. Before Cinderella knew it she was there. And when the prince saw her he said do u want to dance? Yes said Cinderella. They danced the whole night long. And before Cinderella knew it it was twelve o’clock. I’ve got got to go said Cinderella and as she was running her glass shoe fell off. And she got into the carriage and left. When she got to the house she went straight to bed but the Prince said I need to find that girl. He thought and he thought and he said I will go to each house and see if the girl fit the size twelve shoe. I’ll start tomorrow. And he started when he got to Cinderella’s house he said do you fit in a size twelve shoe? No said Flower, Star, and Rose at the same time. I do said Cinderella in a soft voice. It fits said the Prince. The next day they got married. And that’s the story of Cinderella!
By Pyper

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