Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Super Brick ☺

Austin came up with idea but did not want it so he gave it to me☺!

Once upon a time there was a boy named Bob. Bob was in the junk yard looking for something to play with. Bob found a brick. He thought of a funny joke, he could put the brick in a tree, and it could fall out and land on someone’s head. So he did just that.

At a bank next to the tree there was a robbery in process. The robbers name was Albert; he had just escaped from Alcatraz upon a floating piece of drift wood. Albert the robber ran under the tree and the brick fell out on to the robbers head. The police rushed to the concussioned robber and took him back to Alcatraz.

Everybody was so happy. The people of the city of Keensville gave the brick riches and named him caption of the police station!! If you are wondering what Super Brick’s powers are and how he got them well I will tell you. Super Brick was made in a factory like any other brick. When he was on the conveyer belt he fell into a bat of radioactive toxic waste. He began to come to life he could talk, and he could fly! He swore that he would pretend to be a regular brick in till he was needed. That is how Super Brick got his powers.

The End

By, Olivia

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