Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Adventures of Super Brick #2

Now that Super Brick had riches from the people of the city of Keensvile he had a mansion. So Super Brick was hanging out at his mansion. He was enjoying himself in his solid gold hot tub, when he thought he heard something. He did hear something; it was the screams of children. He jumped out of his hot tub without drying off and flew to their rescue. He had to fly a long way before he could find them. He was so distracted by all the thoughts racing through his mind that he landed on someone’s car windshield, by accident. He was so mad about the windshield that he said words he thought he would never have to say #*#*$$#*!!! After he was done with the foul language he went to find the little children. He flew away from the car and found the children in the next alley. He went to save the children when he stepped in wet cement, his one weakness. He was stuck there unable to save the poor children. He heard a dark laugh coming from the rooftop above him. It sounded like this, “Ha ha ha Super Brick I’ve got you now!”

To be continued…

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