Tuesday, August 10, 2010

and we're back

after an entire year away (we were writing the old-fashioned way... we started a NEWSPAPER!) we're back to manage both the old and the new, and all kinds of writing. let's see if we can keep it going!

inspiring writers through their own words [six words]
i (chantal) am doing lots of mentoring and one-on-one work with writers, giving personalized tips and inspiration, and then together all of us (from second grade to high school, college level, even some adults) have been writing-- sharing-- and some exciting things are coming into view.... as we're writing from the rooftops. 

anyway, after we get the next newspaper issue published, i'm looking into a way to do online writing inspiration and assistance, kind of like i used to do with haiku on twitter (if anyone is still out there from twitter) and from there we'll just keep writing and see where this takes us...

i've still been posting on my other blogs wpm and chandeliers on the floor and also there are some great pics of us kids :) etc on my flickr and we will get some up on here and post some of the writing we've done over the past year... 

*O* is now in 7th grade! Abby is now in 8th!!!! Pyper is ruling the school as a 5th grader...... And, you missed it, Raquel graduated to 6th, but not before she became our front-page article writer for the newspaper we started (not to mention the comic queen...she writes amazing comics) what a year, but that's just a quick view from above, we'll show you more live glimpses from in between the life as we're writing from the rooftops.

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